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Today, every business is a technology business. Development Standards Empire, empowers organizations of all sizes with Development Standards Intelligent Technology Solutions and services to maximize the business value and revenue. With our display solutions and services, we help clients successfully manage their environment today while transforming for tomorrow. From IT strategy and design to implementation and management, our employees help clients develop and optimize their operations to run smarter.
Through official Business Partnering with top worldwide Display solutions provider "LG" we will be enabling bright outcomes with our clients.
Imagine a way to see, sense, and share the intangible. It is what happens when big data becomes knowledge. When images become insight. And when experiences come to life through our wide range of Signage, LED Screens and Videowalls
Thats what Development Standards is all about.
In a world where data and rich content are expanding exponentially, we empower you with impressive visualization and innovative collaboration solutions to help you make meaningful connections. For us, it is you - the customer - that counts.
We help you achieve your goals by creating magical display solutions or supporting people to work smarter together.
We help you get the most out of what you do every day.
Together, we create brighter outcomes. Our Team

Management Word

At Development Standards, our best feature is our team of highly professional and knowledgeable individuals, who, through their hard work, passion, dedication and perceptiveness, continuously drive our firm forward.
From middle-sized companies to be Fortune 500 corporations, we are extremely proud to be able to advise our clients in the key process of acquiring and assessing their most precious assets through our uniqe technology.
With its Saudi roots and a global reach, we believe that Development Standards is able to offer the best blend of in-depth technology sector expertise, a proven ability to quickly comprehend the client’s core business as well as promptness and agility in conceiving high-end tailor-made solutions.
An independent, privately-owned, family company, our culture is far-removed from any short-term logic and is very much about building solid relationships over the years with world-renowned technology companies in a wide variety of sectors. This has been possible because of our relentless commitment to work closely in understanding not only the key strategic goals and single business models of our clients but also that subtle match between the technology that we look to attract and our clients’ unique organizational DNA.
On behalf of the team of Development Standards and our clients, we look forward to serving you and your company’s needs.

Engr.Khalil Ajouz
Managing Director

Why we partnered with LG?

LG Business offers solutions for hotels, restaurants, offices, shops and more, keeping them comfortable, secure and stylish. Choose from a range of commercial displays, enterprise mobility solutions and solar modules that provide specialized solutions for a range of business types. Find commercial appliances and electronics from LG for your business and help make life good. Commercial Displays: LG Business offers commercial display solutions that are built with the latest innovations and packed with amazing features. Our commercial display products and solutions are tailored to meet the demands of vertical markets including retail, hospitality, healthcare, education and more. From high-quality OLED displays, IT products, digital signage to seamless video walls, discover our line of commercial displays. Air Conditioning Technologies: As a leading player in the global air conditioning market, LG provides an array of air conditioning and heating products and solutions that are sustainable, energy efficient and affordable. Solar: LG Solar offers precision-manufactured and market-leading solar panels for businesses and homeowners who demand high performance, reliability and a consistently strong energy yield -- all from a brand they can trust. Browse LG’s highly-efficient and reliable solar panels to get started. Enterprise Mobility: LG Gate (Guarded Access to Enterprise) is an enterprise mobility solution that delivers government-grade security to LG mobile devices. Connect virtually and securely with your team members on its efficient and reliable mobile work environment. Featuring the best and the latest mobile features, discover our wide selection of LG Gate mobile devices tailored to the needs of your business. www.

Why we partnered with jcvision?

founded in 2010,JCVISION Technology Inc is a high-tech, innovative and dynamic enterprise, specializing in research, development and manufacture of modern Smart Educational Equipment's, Multi-media products and Commercial Displays, also, we JCVISION are the system integrator and interactive solutions provider.

JCVISION Smart Commercial Display Division are highly focus on the LED Display, Transparent LED or LCD Display, Bar LCD, Digital Signages, Kiosks, Video Wall, Vending Machine, ATM and Interactive Touch Tables manufacturing, and providing the full solutions.


Why we partnered with Ibercover?

Ibercover Studio creates digital immersive experiences through video mapping, virtual reality, augmented reality and AV installations and have worked for some pretty first-class names, and better yet, with plenty of highly talented people around the world. We’re mighty proud of every single one of these



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